Butoh, ein Tanz der unter die Haut geht, der mit nackter Schönheit und Präsenz an der Seele rüttelt.“

Butoh Workshop am Sa. 15 & So. 16 Oktober 2011 mit Gyohei Zaitzu in Freiburg

Butoh Dance Research Workshop with Gyohei Zaitsu 

Butoh Dance Research Workshop with Gyohei Zaitsu

Butoh is an avant-garde dance movement born in the late 50's in Japan. The founders of Butoh like Tatsumi Hijikata or Kazuo Ohno focused on the abandoned part of our body in the process of their work. They considered that all the movements treated as "negative" elements could be included in the dance.  Such as madness, illness, awkwardness, weakness, foolishness, chaos, nothingness…
Through the movements of the dancing body, they made a research about the relationship between the body and natural phenomenon, life and death, soul and body,  order and chaos, purity and dirt, humanity and non-humanity, reality and imagination, visibles and invisibles, daily life movements and dance, holiness and banality…

In the workshop, we will make a research with our own body inspired by their point of view on the human body and on the relationship between the body and its environment. Each participant will observe his own body as a unique space of laboratory where any kind of movements can happen and go through.

I hope that we can touch the mystery of our being through the dance and that a new Butoh dance will be born through our actions.                                                            
 Gyohei Zaitsu

Datum: Samstag 15 & Sonntag 16 Oktober 2011 Zeit: 12:00h-19:00h
Ort: Altes Kino/ Jugendzentrum – Lutherkirchstr. 1a, 79106 Freiburg 
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